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Meridian Training has developed a disciplinary hearing app designed to take the stress out of chairing disciplinary hearings. Our Chairperson’s App™ uses input from a chairperson to render fair and accurate rulings on a range of points in limine.
Gone are the days when deciding preliminary points is a cumbersome and intimidating affair, causing delay and legal research.
There is now, quite literally, an App for It.

Extendable Reference Tool

A quick, ready-to-hand reference for all aspects of Disciplinary Hearings.

Assists in Decision Making

A unique decision workflow to help you focus on the pertinent details help you make the best error-free rulings.

Record your Rulings

Save the written ruling, the details and your notes for each hearing; for your own personal or for your company record.

The Chairperson’s App™ Provides detailed assistance with the following Points in Limine:

  • Recusal
  • Further Particulars
  • Postponement
  • Discovery
  • Waiver
  • Hearsay
  • Legal Representation
  • Double-jeopardy
  • Jurisdiction

Download the trial version to take a look at how that assistance works, or email us to arrange a demo.


The App is sold in packages of two, enabling two unique users in your institution to benefit from the solution it provides.

Email us now to purchase a package license at the introductory price of R8,400.00 excluding vat for a bundle of 2 users
Chairperson's App


Download version 1.3 for windows here

For now the Chairperson's App™ is available for Windows™ only. Watch this space for upcoming iOS, Mac, Android and Linux versions.